Another Global warming warrior? Not really

Another Global warming warrior? Not really

Have you missed bugs splattering on your windscreen?

I remember my Dad pulling over every two hours to scrape bugs asses off our cars windscreen. So messy, you couldn't see. Well that killed the plastic windscreen scrapers industries in hot climates. Who noticed that change over 40 years. No, not the scrapers! The bugs, silly.

Lots of things contributed to the downfall of scrapers like cane toads, pesticides and other pollutants. 

It took me to cease working, jump through serious hurdles like Chronic illness, PTSD and moving house a number of times to realise I was leaving a very poor environmental footprint and crappy legacy for generations to come.  

I like to call these moments of self-awareness  aha  "Oprah" moments. Yeah, I may be showing my age here. But still, I was slow to catch the bus having spent too much time under one.

Now I realise the pool has been tainted with the bi products of climate change politics i.e., Global "Climate Wars". 

For more than a decade the climate wars have raged in Australian politics. Brutal disputes over how and even if climate change should be tackled have claimed one political leader after another and resulted in a seesaw of policies. Result is Net Zero change. Yes, total political carnage has bombed us left, right and centre. A giant old cluster bomb (see Clusterfuck). World Peace has been substituted for Climate Wars in beauty pageants since 2017 . That's the seemingly unobtainable the big hairy assed aspirational goal of talent everywhere.

Now I'm not Jane Fonda’ing on here. I'm no flag waving wannabe global warrior by any means but, I have been changing my ways, old dog but new tricks. And what I found? It's not that hard and saves a fortune. In fact, it's the next biggest saving on budget since offloading the offspring onto their own life journey. 

So, I can't solve Climate Wars, let alone World Peace...but I could reduce my use of plastics. So, I did.

The last compelling event involved moving about two years of cleaning products into the non-recycle bin. Yes, many were surprisingly not recyclable. Never doing that again and, true to my inner thought, I haven't.

So, I dumped every cleaner in my house for Koh, bamboo paper towel and reusable cleaning pads. No more bleach in my house. Click the image below to check out Koh.




Don't tell them that I sent you. They haven't a clue who I am. But, I will give you their mantra as it's tried and assessed true blue.

- Less Products, Less chemicals and Less Impact. 

My other findings, shite loads more cupboard space, the car now fits in garage,  less visits to shopping centres and much lower anxiety. I am using the money I save for an electric scooter so people can see I put my money where my blog is.

You can even get dental floss !!

Please feel free to check out Amazon who carry a load of eco products to help reduce our collective eco footprints like these reusable cute little lint killers 

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